Qeysarie Bazaar or Soltani Bazaar, a historical bazaar in Isfahan, dating back to the 17th century (built in 1620), is one of the oldest and largest bazaars in the Middle East. In fact the bazaar was one of the greatest and luxurious trading centers in the Safavid era. It is located in downtown old Isfahan, in the northern section of the Naqsh-e Jahan Square.

The bazaar is a vaulted two-kilometre street linking the old city with the new. The main entrance is called Qeysarie and you can walk all along to the Friday Mosque/Jameh Mosque, the oldest mosque in Isfahan, and one of the oldest in Iran.

The main commercial activities in Qeysarie Bazaar are carpet and kilim selling. The Qeysarie Bazaar is dedicated to 2 floors. The first floor contains a wide verity of different shops and the second one is designed for office and commercial matters.

In addition Qeysarie Bazaar includes these parts:

Orian bazaar
Nimavard-e Golshan
Samavarsazha (Samovar makers)
In Qeysarie Bazaar, there are many historical buildings such as Nimavar school, Sadr school, Khayyatha mosque, New mosque, Zolfaghar mosque, Shishe mosque and Jarchi mosque.