about us:

Isfahan architecture is one of the most significant exemplifications architecture in Iran.
One of the fundamental principles that architecture is rooted in the Iranians to avoided faulting and ineffective.
in design and build of Sheykh bahaei international hotel, we heed to the art and architecture as a base and root for ourselves, also our final goal is to preparing a good atmosphere for you.we want to be relax and think that this hotel is your home!
Because we believe that hospitality is in our culture.

Sheykh Bahaei international hotel is near to the Chahar Bagh Abbassi beautiful and historic street, which is one of the main street in the Isfahan half of the world.
The location of hotel is very close to the historic attraction of Isfahan, the places such as; Imam square, Imam Mosque, Aali Qapo palace, Chehel Soton palace, 33Pol bridge and at last khaju bridge.
Sheykh Bahaei international hotel have 52 rooms which have all of the welfare facilities in addition this hotel is 3 star however with the high quality services.

Solidarity and unity in internal spaces which employed in the choice of material and colors used in the lobby, and internal spaces of rooms is just to provide a time of peace and security of staying in the hotel.
You deserve the best!

the diversity of the passengers